If your daily routine includes a hassle with glasses or contacts, you want perfect vision without corrective lenses. To simply open your eyes and have perfect vision is ideal ? and very attainable.

Do you want to:

- Throw away those contacts and stash your glasses in your junk drawer?

- Forget about hunting all over your house for your misplaced glasses?

- Wake up in the middle of the night and clearly read your alarm clock without fumbling with your glasses?

- Play sports without worrying about breaking your glasses or losing a contact lens?

- Save money by never having to replace broken glasses or buying contact lens refills and solutions?

Laser Refractive Surgery could be right for you. Dr. Masi specializes in Laser Vision Corrective Surgery to transform your vision from blurry to crystal-clear.

Call today to schedule a consultation to make your 20/20 dreams come true. Dr. Masi is pleased to discuss how his 30 years of experience can help you see like never before.

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